If you’d like to be proactive in learning, understanding, and encouraging your toddler’s language and literacy development, then you’ll love the Talk & Sing With Your Toddler course!

  • Songs & Rhymes

    Sick of singing Wheels On The Bus? Learn 17 fun songs & rhymes, including songs that help teach your child things like shapes and their left and right.

  • Language & Literacy

    Learn more about how to support your child’s development, including how you can help them use longer phrases and sentences.

  • Late Talkers

    If your toddler isn’t talking yet, this course can help! Learn simple strategies you can implement at home to encourage language development.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Brain development

    • How can parents help?

    • Why do some kids talk more than others?

  • 2


    • 7 months-1 year (just to make sure these foundational skills are in place)

    • 1-2 years

    • 2-3 years

    • Speech, language, and hearing milestones, birth-1 year

    • Speech, Language, and Hearing milestones, 1-5 years

  • 3

    Talking tips to boost vocabulary

    • Impactful strategy to use throughout the day

    • How to help your toddler speak in phrases and sentences

    • How to help your toddler say longer phrases and sentences and support early literacy skills

  • 4

    Songs & Rhymes

    • Benefits & how to get your child involved/interested

    • Ways to increase participation

    • Time to stretch

    • I'm a big dump truck

    • I'm a superhero

    • Shapes song

    • Tick Tock

    • Construction song

    • I can hammer

    • Toast in the toaster

    • Snow on the rooftops

    • I dig, dig, dig

    • Popcorn song

    • This is the way

    • Thanksgiving / gratitude song

    • Right hand, left hand

    • Relax & take a breath

    • I'm an airplane

    • Goodbye train

    • Words to songs/rhymes

    • Pictures to go with songs & rhymes

  • 5

    Thank you!

    • Thank you & goodbye (please keep in touch!)

  • 6

    BONUS: Late Talker (Toddler isn't talking yet? I can help!)

    • Taking a step back from thinking about words

    • Strategies to use at home - "late talker"

  • 7

    Additional resources

    • References_toddler course

    • Words to songs & rhymes (to print)

help support and encourage language and literacy development for your toddler

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  • My toddler has special needs, will this course help me?

    I do not specifically address special needs in this class because each child’s speech and language needs are so individual. That said, if you want to learn songs & rhymes to sing with your child for fun and connection, it's a great option!

  • My child is bilingual, is this course a good option for me?

    Absolutely! The strategies I teach in this course are great no matter how many, and no matter which languages your family speaks. Learn more about bilingualism and speech development here.

  • I'm not concerned about my child's talking, but I would love to learn more songs & rhymes. Is this a good course for me?

    Yes! Many families take the course simply because they want to learn new, fun songs and rhymes to sing with their children that help prepare kids to learn to read down the road.

  • My toddler needs help with speaking more clearly, will this course teach me how to help them?

    I do not talk about specific speech sounds in this course. I talk about common sound mistakes that toddler's make that are a part of typical development. I do not talk about speech sounds, because it's so individual to each child.

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    The course is about 1.5 hours in total, but all of the lessons are broken up into short videos and you can learn at your own pace. Because there are so many fun new songs, a lot of students say they return to learn new songs again & again.

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