When it comes to your child’s language and literacy development, you make all the difference.

  • songs & rhymes

    Sick of singing twinkle, twinkle little star? Learn 14 fun new songs & rhymes that are great for bonding & connecting with your baby, including songs that help with routines.

  • first words

    Learn how to help your child speak their first words with the step-by-step process that Carly, a Speech-Language Pathologist, uses with the families she works with!

  • online learning

    Carly has been teaching at parent and baby groups for years. Now, you can sign in & learn from her anywhere, from any device, and watch these self-paced, video lessons online.

Super informative & encouraging!

Britney, elementary school teacher and mother of two boys

“I love how Carly made the information so practical and spoke as a mom. She provided anecdotes about reading less with a second child and being kind to yourself as a mom. I find that to be so important and it really resonated with me. I appreciated learning a bit of the research behind the strategies. I liked how Carly demonstrated the songs with her baby so you could see how she interacted with her. Of the 14 songs Carly taught in the class, 95% of them were new for me, which was great. I would definitely recommend this online course to a friend. I found signing up and using the platform incredibly easy. It was easy to follow and super informative.”

So helpful!

Crystal, mother of a 14 month old

“I found the tips for what to say to babies helpful! I am one of those who struggles with this. I would definitely recommend this course to other moms, especially for the songs and conversation tips! We've been singing the toaster song, and I pause at the end and she 'jumps' and it's so cute!”

Loved learning new songs - I'm not musical!

Allyssa, mother of a 9 month old and 3.5 year old

“I didn’t know any of the songs Carly taught in the course, and I loved it learning new ones as even I was getting bored of the same old “patty cake” and “round and round the garden”. I am not very musically talented. I really have to plan it out, so it was great having this many songs at my disposal to interact more with the baby. Especially since he’s the second kid and life is just busier! This course is an amazing resource.”

So helpful for a first time mom!


“I already went though and completed the whole course during my son’s nap times today. So incredibly helpful & so many wonderful ideas! This has been a blessing to me as a first time mom.”

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Your Instructor

Carly Tulloch

Carly is a Pediatric Speech-Language pathologist who specializes in working with young children and their families. She has extensive training and over a decade of experience helping children of all abilities learn to communicate to their fullest potential, and she has worked in both public and private clinics, as well as in schools. She has obtained the Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, among many other certifications. Her 10+ years of experience and extensive additional training as a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist means that you get to access research-backed information and talking tips, songs, and rhymes that speech therapists use in clinical capacities every day!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Course overview & how to navigate it

    • The importance of the first three years

    • Parents & caregivers play a key role

  • 2


    • speech and language milestones introduction

    • birth to four months - milestones

    • four to six months - milestones

    • seven months to one year - milestones

    • one to two years - milestones

    • Why do milestones matter?

    • Message for parents of children with special needs or born premature

    • One year old hasn't said first word? This will help.

  • 3

    Talking and Reading with your Child

    • A key strategy to support your child's brain development

    • A simplified version

    • The power of routines for learning

    • Reading with your child

  • 4

    Songs and Rhymes

    • Songs & Rhymes: Benefits & Tips

    • Eyes, Nose, Cheeky, Cheeky, Chin

    • Peek-a-Boo

    • Little fish (bath song)

    • Baby Put Your Pants On

    • Charlie Chaplin

    • The Rain is Falling Down

    • Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

    • Slice, Slice, the Bread is Nice

    • Garden Snail

    • The Smooth Road

    • 1, I Love You

    • Clean Up Song

    • You be the Ice Cream

    • Toast in the Toaster

  • 5

    Thank you!

    • Thank you!

  • 6

    Printable Downloads and References

    • songs & rhymes for babies and young toddlers

    • songs and rhymes lyrics

    • simple play ideas for babies

    • simple play ideas for babies

    • Speech, Language, and Hearing Milestones Birth-1 year

    • speech, language, and hearing milestones // birth-one year

    • speech, hearing, and language development milestones // age 1-5

    • speech, hearing, and language developmental milestones // ages 1-5

    • Talking tips printable - babies

    • Books for babies & toddlers

    • Bilingual family tips

    • Tummy Time

    • References

    • Disclaimer

  • 7

    BONUS: first words

    • Time for first words! Age 10 months & up

    • Steps to help support first words

    • The power of pausing & waiting + examples

    • Fun way to encourage copying (important skill!)

    • Speech is complex, don't worry about perfection

Learn how to support your baby’s language development, right from the start!

Your baby is growing, changing, and learning new things every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s coming next, and how to interact with your baby in fun ways that boost their communication skills? This course will give you the information, understanding, and strategies you need to feel confident talking, singing, and reading with your baby, all while gently encouraging language development.
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  • I’m not concerned about my baby’s talking yet, but I would love to learn more songs & rhymes. Is this a good course for me?

    Yes! You'll have a lot of fun singing these songs and rhymes with your baby, plus there are so many developmental benefits!

  • My baby was born with special needs. Would this course work for us?

    Yes! This course is a good option for parents of all babies under 15 months old. If your baby has Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, or if you have any other development concerns, you'll love the information and strategies in the course (and your baby will love the songs & rhymes you do together after!).

  • I want to teach my baby two languages. Is this course a good option for me?

    Absolutely! The strategies I teach in this course are great no matter how many, and no matter which languages your family speaks. Learn more about bilingualism and speech development here.

Sound like just what you and your family needs?

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